Rain Water Solutions - helping people collect rainwater since 1999. We make running a rain barrel program a breeze.

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3812 Tarheel Drive, Suite C
Raleigh, NC 27609
United States
Rain Water Solutions - helping people collect rainwater since 1999. We make running a rain barrel program a breeze.
Rain Water Solutions has made it our mission to work with government agencies and non-profits to use rain barrels as an education / outreach tool for water conservation and water quality issues. The best part is there are no costs to your organization to start a program. We simply ask for your organization to help promote the sale and to provide volunteers the day of the rain barrel distribution. In most cases we can deliver rain barrels in bulk for $75.00 each. The normal retail is $129.00. 

The Ivy Rain Barrel has five great features every rain barrel SHOULD have:

  1. Ivy is opaque to prevent algae growth. Translucent or light color barrels will grow algae.
  2. It has a screened inlet, rain barrels must have proper screening to prevent unwanted pests such as mosquitoes.
  3. Ivy comes with two overflow ports and comes with an overflow hose.
  4. The lid comes off for easy cleaning yet locks down for safety.
  5. The spigot is as low to the bottom as possible to allow full drainage. 

We can either set up a distribution event for your group (which is out lined below) or sell them directly. We are flexible and can work with you based on your needs.

Each agency we work with gets:

• A FREE Demo Ivy Rain Barrel.

• A FREE educational website tailored to your organization complete with an installation video and extensive frequently asked questions section.

• Customer service and support throughout the entire process. All orders are handled through our secure e-commerce web site. We collect all the data and share that with your organization prior to the event.

• We keep you and your organization up to date through the entire program.

• We have sample press releases and can assist with social media recommendations.

• We deliver the rain barrels directly to your facility or event location.

You can look over the services we include with all programs at www.RainBarrelProgram.org.

We offer wholesale pricing directly to your citizens as well as take care of ordering, logistics and distribution. We also have survey capabilities so you can gauge your program's success or reach citizens participating in the program at any time. There are no costs to your agency. 

We help with your educational mission with a premium rain barrel that is made here in NC  of 100% recycled plastic. Each barrel has a two year warranty so you can rest assured it's a high quality rain barrel. We are able to discount heavily through our rain barrel programs due in large part to bulk shipping. 

We have references from across the country we are happy to share with you.

Ivy offers features not available in retro fitted barrels and has a nice aesthetic that appeals to a large demographic. Ivy comes with everything the homeowner needs to set it up and start collecting rainwater right away.

Visit our website: www.rainbarrelprogram.org
Rain Water Solutions - helping people collect rainwater since 1999. We make running a rain barrel program a breeze. | 3812 Tarheel Drive, Suite C Raleigh, NC 27609 United States | 919x-835x-1699
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