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3607 Colson Rd
Bryan, TX 77808
United States
JNM Technologies, Inc.

JNM Technologies, Inc.
began in 1994, as a consulting firm to address the filtration and water dispersal needs of the onsite wastewater and industrial filtration industries. Bringing together Netafim Bioline and Arkal ring disc filtration technology was the basic concept upon which the business was formed. The addition of applied technology was a natural progression from designing systems to implementation of products. Introduction of advanced ring disc filtration into the United States allowed a new direction in water treatment.

JNM Technologies uses Netafim's Arkal Disc Filters; designed for efficient, reliable filtration with greater holding capacity than traditional screen filters. Disc filters come in a full range of sizes, filtration degrees and flow capacities. These filters work well as stand-alone units or can be combined with other systems to form modular filter batteries to accommodate higher flow volumes.

Through its partnership with Sentek Party Ltd, JNM Technologies provides access to soil moisture measurement systems for improved crop health, water savings and increased yields.

JNM Technologies, Inc. combines advanced filtration capacity of ring disc filters with Netafim Bioline, a subsurface drip irrigation product. This combination provides a solution for the onsite dispersal of treated effluent eliminating point source discharge into rivers, streams or lakes.

Our Products

We provide a line of custom built self-cleaning filtration systems for what ever your needs may be whether it's for residential, commercial, or industrial use.  We also create custom built Bioline Dosing Management Controllers.

The BDMC (Bioline Dosing Management Controller) comes with many features based on your needs and area requirements.  All BDMC controllers are able to handle both auto-field and auto-filter flushing style headworks boxes.  Termination panel allows for easy hook-up.  The BDMC can be configured in many ways including double pole power (230 Vac) , duplex pumps, > 3 zones and remote monitoring via auto-dialer.

If any of the filtration systems or controllers do not fit your needs, please contact us and inquire about customization of an existing product or building a complete custom solution just for you.

All Products

If you have a project that needs an end to end water management system, we have a solution designed for you.

Visit our website: jnmtechnologies.com/
JNM Technologies, Inc. | 3607 Colson Rd Bryan, TX 77808 United States | 979x-779x-6500
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