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P.O. Box 203113
Austin, TX 78720
United States
Rainfilters of Texas, LLC

Rainfilters of Texas has the solution to eliminate debris, mosquitoes, leaf and other decaying matter from your rainwater collection.

Each system is unique, we provide the expertise and knowledge to assist you. Learn more about Rainfilters of Texas and the solutions we offer by contacting us at (512) 257-7986 or email solutions@rainfilters.com.

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Collection Tanks

Rainwater Tanks allow you to capture rainwater and use it when you need it. Plus, it will complement the appearance of your home and add value, while you do your part to save water. NO MORE WATERING RESTRICTIONS!


We offer WISY products: the best in rainwater harvesting worldwide!Our systems require minimum maintenance and will last a lifetime.


Submersible pumps are installed within a rainwater storage tank, but most require a pump controller that cannot be submerged or flooded. Surface pumps are typically installed within a nearby building or pump enclosure.

Products to Provide High Quality of Rainwater
With over 100,000 installations of high quality and low maintenance water filter systems worldwide, WISY, AG has solved the rainwater collection puzzle. Leaves, debris, and insects in your water are a thing of the past.

Developed over the last 20+ years, WISY, AG is the leading manufacturer of rainwater collection equipment covering all applications from rain barrels for private homes to large scale commercial applications. WISY systems are used by:

• Governments to solve water supply and storm water control issues
• Industries in their production plants
• Individuals interested in utilizing rainwater as a means of conservation and to ensure a high quality water supply.

Rainfilters of Texas, LLC is the Texas Factory Authorized Distributor for WISY products. For other states click here. This site will provide information to help you develop your rainwater collection system as well as provide the opportunity to specify and purchase WISY products.

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Visit our website: rainfilters.com
Rainfilters of Texas, LLC | P.O. Box 203113 Austin, TX 78720 United States | 512x-257x-7986
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