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6940 “O” Street
Suite 100
Lincoln, Nebraska 68510
United States
Snyder Industries, Inc.

Snyder Industries utilizes over 50 years of tank engineering and design experience to develop revolutionary onsite septic and water tank products with enhanced leak proof properties and improved structural integrity to optimize tank performance and longevity. As a result, Snyder has become the growing choice among tank installers, contractors, and home owners for both underground and above ground tanks utilized in waste, water storage, and rainwater harvesting applications.

Rain Captor
Rain is a newly rediscovered and sustainable source of fresh water for both residential and commercial projects. Rain harvesting is the capture, diversion and storage of rainwater. When done correctly, rainwater harvesting provides a means of supplying a dependable water source for non-potable applications such as landscape irrigation or non-potable household uses such as laundry or use in flushing the toilet, which constitutes 40-60% of all water use nationwide for residential use, and even more for most commercial applications. Snyder manufactures a variety of tank sizes, colors and styles to accommodate any size project for both above and below ground rain harvesting systems.

Snyder also offers proven components necessary for long lasting and well performing rain collection systems. Important components from Rain Harvesting (an innovative pioneer in this market) such as Leaf Easter ™, Rain Alert ™ level monitors, and first flush diversion for both above and below ground, ensure proper functionality of the system with a full line of pumping solutions for most applications utilizing both external and submersible pumps. Snyder also offers an array of options to optimize the performance of a rainwater collection system including proven methods to interconnect tanks and control water levels within the system.

Read More About Our Rainwater Collection Systems Here!

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Philippi, WV 26416
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Marked Tree, AR 72365

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Chowchilla, CA 93610

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Snyder Industries, Inc. | 6940 “O” Street Suite 100 Lincoln, Nebraska 68510 United States | 402x-467x-5221
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