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3600 Elder Hill Road
Driftwood, TX 78619
United States
Texas Native Rainwater

Who We Are

An Austin based and family-run business striving to serve the great state of Texas and beyond!  We can build the rainwater harvesting system that works for you and that fits the aesthetic needs of your home.

Mission Statement
Texas Native Rainwater, LLC strives to be a valued and reliable partner with out clients in their efforts to conserve the natural resource we agree to be so precious; our water.

We intend to achieve our mission by staying at the forefront of all new developments in the field of rainwater harvesting, and in water conservation practices more generally, in order to provide the most well thought-out and highest quality installation possible for your home.  The other piece to our mission is customer service.  We believe that the relationships we establish with our clients are above those of mere patron and client.  We haven’t come together to simply buy and sell something, but to also work towards this common concern of water conservation.  This naturally leads to a mutual respect that we will do everything in our power to maintain.

We come to you with over four years in the field of rainwater harvesting installation.  We know what it takes to get the job done efficiently and with as little disturbance to you and your landscape as possible.  We have learned from the best at ARCSA in becoming Accredited Professionals and will keep learning all we can as the field of knowledge continues to grow.

This is a great time and place to get into rainwater harvesting.   It’s really all right here; we have the environmental need right in front of us as we endure this drought and others to come, we are part of a community here in Texas that has always identified as self-sustaining and independent and that has been at the forefront of rainwater harvesting nationwide, and we have the tax incentives and rebate programs to show for it!  Austin alone has one of the best rebate programs in the country paying $.50/gallon for non-pressurized and $1.00/gallon for pressurized systems with a potential savings of up to $5,000!  Check out our LINKS page for access to more information.

What We Do

Design and Installation
This is the center-piece of what we do; design and install the highest quality possible rainwater harvesting system to meet your personal needs and preferences.  The additional system components that follow allow us to provide a truly holistic package allowing you to really manage the water that falls on your property and ultimately where it goes thereafter. We design and install systems both for whole-house, potable use, and for irrigation only.

We are a licensed irrigator in the state of Texas.  We can design and install an irrigation system from scratch that uses as much of your newly stored water source as possible.  We can also "tie-in” to your existing irrigation system using your harvested rainwater for particular zones that are already in place or that we add to the system.

Rain Gardens
This is a form of "passive” rainwater collection that is essentially a planted, shallow depression that collects run-off from roof surfaces,  parking lots, and other surfaces.  Its purpose is to retain and treat stormwater and slowly allow it back in to the groundwater and ultimately the aquifer.  We can build smaller gardens for your tank’s overflow or larger gardens for larger surface areas.

Graywater Reclamation
Let us help you use that graywater that otherwise goes right back in to the city black water supply.  This can provide an excellent source of water to any trees you are taking extra care of.  We will have much more to come in this department soon.  Keep asking us about our graywater reclamation developments.

Tree Planting
When the seasons and conditions permit, we will gladly plant the new trees you will be watering with your new water source.    We have highly qualified, certified arborists on our team as consultants for this particular piece which will allow us to plant the right trees in the right soil getting just the right amount of water, and rainwater at that.  The trees will thank you for this, for sure.
Service and Repair
Did you inherit a system with the house you own that needs repair or even just simple upgrades?  We’d be happy to come take a look at it and see what options are available for you to get it working properly or just plain better than before.  We also provide a tank cleaning service that will almost certainly be needed if the proper measures to eliminate debris were not taken.  Call us today and let’s get that system working the way it should!

Visit our website: www.texasnativerainwater.com
Texas Native Rainwater | 3600 Elder Hill Road Driftwood, TX 78619 United States | 512x-466x-2898
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