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7901 Xerxes Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55431
United States
Xerxes Corporation

An Industry Leader
For three decades, Xerxes has been an industry leader in the design, manufacture and sale of high-quality, cost-effective fiberglass storage tanks for the petroleum, water / wastewater and chemical markets. A growing list of customers in each of these markets rely on Xerxes' extensive experience and innovative leadership in the development and fabrication of fiberglass storage tanks.

With a spirit of growth and continuous improvement, we are committed to meet the changing requirements of these markets, while developing new products to address new market needs.

Xerxes corrosion-resistant, light-weight and structurally strong fiberglass storage tanks are the superior choice for a wide range of liquid storage and process applications. From the storage of gasoline and diesel fuel to the collection of rainwater for irrigation purposes, Xerxes offers communities, businesses and governments safe and design-proven fiberglass storage tanks.
  • Water Products - Xerxes manufactures a wide range of fiberglass tanks designed to meet the demands of the growing water and wastewater infrastructure needs throughout North America. Our underground water storage tanks, process vessels and wet wells are ideally suited for a wide range of applications. Learn More >>

Visit our website: www.xerxes.com
Xerxes Corporation | 7901 Xerxes Avenue Minneapolis, MN 55431 United States | 952x-887x-1890
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